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The easiest way to get started with MongoDB

A powerful MongoDB admin in the cloud.

HumongouS offers an incredible and slick out-of-the-box user experience. Just plug in your MongoDB database and you're up and running in minutes. No coding, no configuration needed.

Powerful dashboard, see everything, miss nothing

HumongouS comes with an elegant dashboard which provides useful insights about your MongoDB collections.

"HumongouS is offering an extremely valuable service at a very reasonable price."
Fani Maksakuli - CTO Inyourclass
"Fantastic! HumongouS is just fantastic. I’m excited to be part of the beta experience."
Eedresha Sturdivant - CEO Ekcoe

Mobile ready

Tablets and smartphones are suported out-of-the-box. All the major features available on the web app are also available on the mobile version.

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